Fitness Equipment Repair: About The Bremshey Treadline Ambition Treadmill
There is no doubt that not very many shortcuts will work if you want to shape up your physique. Miracle pills, high-tech gadgets, and expensive programs just don't do the trick. In order to achieve better health and fitness, you will need a good diet and exercise program. One good method of receiving an excellent cardiovascular work out is via a treadmill, and with appropriate maintenance from a fitness equipment repair expert, it's an investment that will last a long time. Let's shed a little light on a treadmill that we personally favour-the Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

Quick start keys let the user change the speed and elevation quickly and easily
Easy to read LCD console with large type
Max speeds of 16 kph (10 mph)

Price: can be found on the internet for about £799

Product Explanation:

The Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill is chocked with some terrific features to make it really beneficial, however these conveniences do not render it an expensive product. It comes with 6 preset programs and also a quick start guide which assists you in getting started right away. Additionally, it is equipped with an easy to read graphic LCD display along with quick start keys that allow your to modify the incline and speed swiftly. The console will permit you to monitor relevant things, for example, incline, speed, heart rate, etc. It offers plenty of running space, which is definitely good since it has a top speed of 16 kph (10 mph) - quite a workout for even seasoned runners. And with accessories like a compatible Polar chest belt, you'll wonder just how the manufacturer of this fitness equipment were able to add so many elements for such a low cost. peptides

Product Characteristics

The shock absorption components as well as the handle grips added into this treadmill will help the user to avoid overexertion. 
LCD display shows the usual: distance, speed, pulse, calories burned, incline, and time spent exercising
Folds away for convenient, compact storage using hydraulic assistance

Product Specifics

Speed Range - 0.8 - 16 km/h, 0.5 - 10 mph 
Amount of Slope - 0 to 10% Speed adjustment - 0.1 mph increments
Running Space: 51 x 142 cm / 20 x 56 inches 2-ply belt 
Motor - 2.75 hp continuous
Max User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs / 23 st 8 lbs
Dimensions (unfolded): L194 x W85 x H135 cm 
Dimensions (folded): (L)78 x (W)85 x (H)186 cm 
Unit Weight: 101kg
Power supply - mains current

Warranty Information: 2 years manufacturer's warranty for parts and labour


The Bremshey Treadline Ambition treadmill is an excellent item at an affordable price-and there you have it. It extends a powerful workout, and with the assistance of a fitness equipment repair specialist, you can keep it in tip top shape. We're confident you won't find anything on this machine to complain about. When seeking the best treadmill for your regimen, this machine is certainly worth looking at. Highly suggested!

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