Psychoterrestrial Speculation Are We Perhaps not in Contact Previously?
I think we are all ensnared really complicated and complicated trap of our own making. We're struggling against ourselves and in all the struggling and moving and kicking lies only the fear provided sensation tightening its grip around us. It's this that I think. You are allowed to believe otherwise, of course.

The Trickster (Human Combined Unconscious Mind) is at work at this type of refined level that individuals do not even identify our personal projected attributes as we address them. The turmoil, the infighting and the psychological cannibalization of brother against brother and cousin against cousin, it's all there before people to obviously see but we do not.

Encapsulated in our personal fear-based constructs, we stroll aimlessly about within an accusatory fashion toward one another whilst the remarkably innovative simple character of the Trickster Brain revels in its ability to justify their existence through the turmoil it has generated within us.

You see, I believe we've never perhaps not been in Urban Legends experience of ab muscles things that have people searching. The saucers, the cryptids, the apparitions, the disembodied comments and the strange phantom entities are merely decoys or unconscious psychological projections. We drop for the lure each time. We have always hunted whatever we fear. We've generally killed that which we fear. We are tormented by this Trickster Aspect since we could neither hunt it nor destroy it. We are constantly seeking it without and therefore we blindly follow the one thing that most along dwells within.

Do you wish to know what I truly think the Paranormal is? It is that neglected resource within us that becomes the phantom projections of our darkest creative machinations buried strong in your subconscious mind. We pursuit these phantoms expressing, "I've observed a cat!" or "I found a strange art area over there!" and then get discouraged when these whom failed to truly have the same activities have now labeled you as a kook. That's the Paranormal! It is that subtle reptilian brained, fear centered driver residing within that's a voracious hunger for conflict and confusion. The functions of hostility and disorientation both give it and perpetuate it and we stay tricked with teeth agog in abject disappointment since we can not find the phantoms which can be inducing the frustration.

Position your self in a direct jacket. Lock it down and discard the key. You, for me, have today found the Trickster!

Here is a difference of the old Zen Koan that requires if your tree comes down in the forest and nobody is around to listen to it, does it make a sound. Obviously it does. But what about we change the taste with this age old question.

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